Friday, April 16, 2010

Dairy-Free Kids Probiotic!

Ok, so if your child isn't lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy then this probably won't be as cool to you. But I was so excited to find this at our new local Wegman's grocery store. In our household the kids really need to take probiotics at the same time as any antibiotics in order to keep their guts healthy (this is true for most kids and adults but it seems especially try in our household). Probiotics are bacteria culture of the "good" bacteria in our gut. When you take a broad spectrum antibiotic for any number of reasons the antibiotic kills both good and bad bacteria in the gut. Taking a probiotic helps re-colonize the gut with the "good" stuff and keep the intestines happy. We had several unhappy adventures with probiotics which turned out to have dairy in them when our son was younger. One didn't have dairy anywhere in their ingredients until I returned to the store to complain and ****ta da*** there was new packaging with a new label that said "contains milk"...grrr...not sure they realized how fun those weeks were in our household! I know there are other probiotics out there on the market and I hear that refrigerated brands have more live cultures, but this is what we can do with our budget. So yeah for Culturelle!
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  1. I have just recently become interested in probiotics and digestive health. I have seen probiotic pills and tried Kefir and yogurt but I just saw probiotic Attune bars at my local grocery store. These bars have live cultures in them and taste great. Some of them are even gluten free and vegan. Have you tried these bars? Do you think I could eat these and benefit like I would from these pills?
    Thanks so much!

  2. Hmmm...I've never seen those! Sound great! No, sorry, I haven't tried them but I'll keep my eyes out for them. I have such bizarre allergies that I can't do most of those bars. Seems worth a try to me! We just tried a coconut milk kefir and my son LOVED it!